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This is a short summary of some important general netiquette guidelines:

  • Respect the copyright on material that you reproduce. Almost every country has copyright laws.

  • Remember that the recipient is a human being whose culture, language, and humor have different points of reference from your own.

  • Forgeries and spoofing are not approved behavior.

  • Don't get involved in flame wars. Neither post nor respond to incendiary material.

  • There are Newsgroups and Mailing Lists which discuss topics of wide varieties of interests. These represent a diversity of lifestyles, religions, and cultures. Posting articles or sending messages to a group whose point of view is offensive to you simply to tell them they are offensive is not acceptable. Sexually and racially harassing messages may also have legal implications. There is software available to filter items you might find objectionable.

  • Do not assume that any information you find is up-to-date and/or accurate. Remember that new technologies allow just about anyone to be a publisher, but not all people have discovered the responsibilities which accompany publishing.

  • Remember that unless you are sure that security and authentication technology is in use, that any information you submit to a system is being transmitted over the Internet "in the clear", with no protection from "sniffers" or forgers.

  • Since the Internet spans the globe, remember that Information Services might reflect culture and life-style markedly different from your own community. Materials you find offensive may originate in a geography which finds them acceptable. Keep an open mind.

You can read more about netiquette on the original English source site (RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines)

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