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Eastern Africa


Discover Eastern Africa!

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Linguhouse's Travel Room offers You all the interesting travel information You need! Discover the various exciting destinations all over Eastern Africa and start dreaming on Your next vacation... to Mauritius maybe? ...Or to Zimbabwe? ...Or to Seychelles perhaps?

Choose your desired destination and keep yourself inspired!


Destinations in Eastern Africa:

BI, BDI Burundi, Burundi, Бурунди , Burundi, Burundi, Burundi, Burundi, Burundi
KM, COM Comoros, Comoras, Коморос , Comores, Komoren, Comore, Komorerna, Komorit
DJ, DJI Djibouti, Yibuti, Джибути , Djibouti, Dschibuti, Gibuti, Djibouti, Djibouti
ER, ERI Eritrea, Eritrea, Эритрея , Érythrée, Eritrea, Eritrea, Eritrea, Eritrea
ET, ETH Ethiopia, Etiopía, Эфиопия , Éthiopie, Äthiopien, Etiopia, Etiopien, Etiopia (Etiopian demokraattinen liittotasavalta)
IO, IOT British Indian Ocean Territory, Territorio Británico del Océano Indico, Старые Британские Индийские Территории, Territoire britannique de l'Océan Indien, Britisches Territorium im Indischen Ozean, Territorio britannico dell'Oceano Indiano, Brittiska territoriet i Indiska Oceanen, Brittiläinen Intian valtameren alue
KE, KEN Kenya, Kenia, Кения , Kenya, Kenia, Kenya, Kenya, Kenia
MG, MDG Madagascar, Madagascar, Мадагаскар , Madagascar, Madagaskar, Madagascar, Madagaskar, Madagaskar
MZ, MOZ Mozambique, Mozambique, Мозамбик , Mozambique, Mosambik, Mozambico, Moçambique, Mosambik
MU, MUS Mauritius, Mauricio, Мавритий , Maurice, Mauritius, Maurizio; Mauritius, Mauritius, Mauritius
MW, MWI Malawi, Malaui, Малави , Malawi, Malawi, Malawi, Malawi, Malawi
RE, REU Réunion, Reunión, Реюньон, Réunion (Île de la Réunion), Réunion, Riunione, Réunion, Réunion (Réunionin departementti)
RW, RWA Rwanda, Ruanda, Руанда , Rwanda, Ruanda, Ruanda, Rwanda, Ruanda
SO, SOM Somalia, Somalia, Сомали , Somalie, Somalia, Somalia, Somalia, Somalia
SC, SYC Seychelles, Seychelles, Сейшеллы , Seychelles, Seychellen, Seicelle, Seychellerna, Seychellit
TZ, TZA Tanzania, Tanzania, Танзания , Tanzanie, Tansania, Tanzania, Tanzania, Tansania
UG, UGA Uganda, Uganda, Уганда , Ouganda, Uganda, Uganda, Uganda, Uganda
ZM, ZMB Zambia, Zambia, Замбия , Zambie, Sambia, Zambia, Zambia, Sambia
ZW, ZWE Zimbabwe, Zimbabue, Зимбабве , Zimbabwe, Simbabwe, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe







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