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Central Asia


Discover Central Asia!

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Linguhouse's Travel Room offers You all the interesting travel information You need! Discover the various exciting destinations all over Central Asia and start dreaming on Your next vacation... to Georgia maybe? ...Or to Armenia? ...Or to Iran perhaps?

Choose your desired destination and keep yourself inspired!


Destinations in Central Asia:

AF, AFG Afghanistan, Afganistán, Афганистан , Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan; Afganistan, Afghanistan, Afganistan
AM, ARM Armenia, Armenia, Армения , Arménie, Armenien, Armenia, Armenien, Armenia
AZ, AZE Azerbaijan, Azerbaiyán, Азербайджан , Azerbaïdjan, Aserbaidschan, Azerbaigian, Azerbajdzjan, Azerbaidžan
GE, GEO Georgia, Georgia, Грузия , Géorgie, Georgien, Georgia, Georgien, Georgia (Gruusia)
IR, IRN Iran, Irán, Иран , Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran
KZ, KAZ Kazakhstan, Kazajistán, Казахстан , Kazakhstan, Kasachstan, Kazakistan; Kazakstan, Kazakstan, Kazakstan
KG, KGZ Kyrgyzstan, Kirguizistán, Киргизия , Kirghizistan ; le Kirghizstan , Kirgisistan, Kirghizistan, Kirgizistan, Kirgisia (Kirgistan, Kirgisistan)
TJ, TJK Tajikistan, Tayikistán, Таджикистан , Tadjikistan, Tadschikistan, Tagikistan, Tadzjikistan, Tadžikistan
TM, TKM Turkmenistan, Turkmenistán, Туркменистан , Turkménistan, Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan
UZ, UZB Uzbekistan, Uzbekistán, Узбекистан , Ouzbékistan, Usbekistan, Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan




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