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Southeastern Asia


Discover Southeastern Asia!

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Linguhouse's Travel Room offers You all the interesting travel information You need! Discover the various exciting destinations all over Southeastern Asia and start dreaming on Your next vacation... to Indonesia maybe? ...Or to Singapore? ...Or to Thailand perhaps?

Choose your desired destination and keep yourself inspired!


Destinations in Southeastern Asia:

BN, BRN Brunei, Brunéi, Бруней , Brunei, Brunei, Brunei, Brunei, Brunei
CC, CCK Cocos Islands (Keeling Islands; Australia), Islas Cocos, Кокосовые острова , Iles des Cocos (Keeling), Kokosinseln, Isole Cocos, Kokosöarna, Kookossaaret (Keelingsaaret)
CX, CXR Christmas Island, Isla Christmas, Рождественские острова , Ile Christmas, Weihnachtsinsel, Isola Christmas, Julön, Joulusaari
ID, IDN Indonesia, Indonesia, Индонезия , Indonésie, Indonesien, Indonesia, Indonesien, Indonesia
KH, KHM Cambodia, Camboya, Камбоджа , Cambodge, Kambodscha, Cambogia, Kambodja, Kambodža
LA, LAO Laos, Laos, Лаос , Laos, Laos, Laos, Laos, Laos
MM, MMR Myanmar (Burma), Myanmar (Birmania), Бирма (Мьянма) , Myanmar (Birmanie), Myanmar, Myanmar (Birmania), Myanmar, Myanmar (Burma)
MY, MYS Malaysia, Malasia, Малайзия , Malaisie, Malaysia, Malesia, Malaysia, Malesia
PH, PHL Philippines, Filipinas, Филиппины , Philippines, Philippinen, Filippine, Filippinerna, Filippiinit (Filippiinien tasavalta)
SG, SGP Singapore, Singapur, Сингапур , Singapour, Singapur, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
TH, THA Thailand, Tailandia, Таиланд , Thaïlande, Thailand, Thailandia, Thailand, Thaimaa
TL, TLS East Timor, Timor Oriental, Восточный Тимор , Timor Oriental, Osttimor, Timor orientale, Östtimor, Itä-Timor (Itä-Timorin demokraattinen tasavalta)
VN, VNM Vietnam, Vietnam, Вьетнам , Viêt Nam, Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam




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