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Eastern Europe


Discover Eastern Europe!

LinguHouse Travel Room is a constantly updated travel guide where both locals and tourists can share their recommendations, travel tips and experiences in various destinations all around the world. Suggest others a nice restaurant… a good hotel in a travel destination… interesting sights in your home town… anything!

All LinguHouse visitors can suggest a link to be added in Travel Room. With the help of both locals and travellers Travel Room’s info pages will be even more useful to all LinguHouse users! We appreciate all your suggestions, ideas and feedback! Read here how You can contribute and make a suggestion!

Linguhouse's Travel Room offers You all the interesting travel information You need! Discover the various exciting destinations all over Eastern Europe and start dreaming on Your next vacation... to Estonia maybe? ...Or to Poland? ...Or to Slovakia perhaps?

Choose your desired destination and keep yourself inspired!


Destinations in Eastern Europe:

AL, ALB Albania, Albania, Албания , Albanie, Albanien, Albania, Albanien, Albania
BG, BGR Bulgaria, Bulgaria, Болгария , Bulgarie, Bulgarien, Bulgaria, Bulgarien, Bulgaria
BA, BIH Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia y Hercegovina, Босния-Герцеговина , Bosnie-Herzégovine , la Bosnie-et-Herzégovine , Bosnien und Herzegowina, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Bosnien och Hercegovina, Bosnia-Hertsegovina (Bosnia ja Hertsegovina)
BY, BLR Belarus, Bielorrusia, Беларусь , Biélorussie ; le Belarus , Belarus, Bielorussia, Vitryssland, Valkovenäjä
CZ, CZE Czech Republic, República Checa; Chequia, Чешская Республика , République tchèque, Tschechische Republik, Repubblica ceca, Tjeckien, Tšekki (Tšekin Tasavalta)
EE, EST Estonia, Estonia, Эстония , Estonie, Estland, Estonia, Estland, Viro (Eesti)
HR, HRV Croatia, Croacia, Хорватия , Croatie, Kroatien, Croazia, Kroatien, Kroatia
HU, HUN Hungary, Hungría, Венгрия , Hongrie, Ungarn, Ungheria, Ungern, Unkari
LT, LTU Lithuania, Lituania, Литва , Lituanie, Litauen, Lituania, Litauen, Liettua
LV, LVA Latvia, Letonia, Латвия , Lettonie, Lettland, Lettonia, Lettland, Latvia
MD, MDA Moldova, Moldavia, Молдова , Moldavie ; la Moldova , Republik Moldau, Moldavia; Moldovia; Moldova, Moldavien, Moldova
MK, MKD Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of, Macedonia, Македония , Macédoine (ex-République yougoslave de Macédoine, l'ancienne République yougoslave de Macédoine), Mazedonien (ehemalige jugoslawische Republik Mazedonien), Macedonia (Ex Repubblica jugoslava di Macedonia), Makedonien (f.d. jugoslaviska republiken Makedonien), Makedonia
ME, MNE Republic of Montenegro, Montenegro, Черногория, Monténégro, Montenegro, Repubblica del Montenegro, Montenegro, Montenegron Tasavalta
PL, POL Poland, Polonia, Польша , Pologne, Polen, Polonia, Polen, Puola
RO, ROM Romania, Rumania; Rumanía, Румыния , Roumanie, Rumänien, Romania, Rumänien, Romania
RU, RUS Russia, Rusia, Россия , Russie, Russland (Russische Föderation), Russia, Ryssland, Venäjä
RS, SRB Serbia, Serbia, Сербия, Serbie, Serbien, Serbia, Serbien, Serbia
SK, SVK Slovakia, Eslovaquia, Словакия , Slovaquie, Slowakei, Slovacchia, Slovakien, Slovakia
SI, SVN Slovenia, Eslovenia, Словения , Slovénie, Slowenien, Slovenia, Slovenien, Slovenia
TR, TUR Turkey, Turquía, Турция , Turquie, Türkei, Turchia, Turkiet, Turkki
UA, UKR Ukraine, Ucrania, Украина , Ukraine, Ukraine, Ucraina, Ukraina, Ukraina




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