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Southern Europe


Discover Southern Europe!

LinguHouse Travel Room is a constantly updated travel guide where both locals and tourists can share their recommendations, travel tips and experiences in various destinations all around the world. Suggest others a nice restaurant… a good hotel in a travel destination… interesting sights in your home town… anything!

All LinguHouse visitors can suggest a link to be added in Travel Room. With the help of both locals and travellers Travel Room’s info pages will be even more useful to all LinguHouse users! We appreciate all your suggestions, ideas and feedback! Read here how You can contribute and make a suggestion!

Linguhouse's Travel Room offers You all the interesting travel information You need! Discover the various exciting destinations all over Southern Europe and start dreaming on Your next vacation... to Malta maybe? ...Or to Spain? ...Or to Greece perhaps?

Choose your desired destination and keep yourself inspired!


Destinations in Southern Europe:

AD, AND Andorra, Andorra, Андорра , Andorre, Andorra, Andorra, Andorra, Andorra
CY, CYP Cyprus, Chipre, Кипр , Chypre, Zypern, Cipro, Cypern, Kypros
ES, ESP Spain, España, Испания , Espagne, Spanien, Spagna, Spanien, Espanja
GI, GIB Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Гибралтар , Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Gibilterra, Gibraltar, Gibraltar (UK)
GR, GRC Greece, Grecia, Греция , Grèce, Griechenland, Grecia, Grekland, Kreikka
IT, ITA Italy, Italia, Италия , Italie, Italien, Italia, Italien, Italia
MT, MLT Malta, Malta, Мальта , Malte, Malta, Malta, Malta, Malta
PT, PRT Portugal, Portugal, Португалия , Portugal, Portugal, Portogallo, Portugal, Portugali
SM, SMR San Marino, San Marino, Сан-Марино , Saint-Marin, San Marino, San Marino, San Marino, San Marino
VA, VAT Vatican City (The Holy See), El Vaticano, Ватикан , Saint-Siège , Vatikan (Vatikanstadt), Vaticano, Heliga stolen, Vatikaani (Vatikaanivaltio, Pyhä istuin)




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